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Creating my passion: 
As far back as I can remember being a child I was always dabbling in creativity. Whether it was painting, making homemade crafts, drawing or playing the clarinet I've always enjoyed being creative. My passion for floral design started when I was seventeen still in high school, I started taking horticulture classes and my eye for color and design was quickly noticed from my teacher and I was referred to the local floral shop in town to see if I could start apprenticing.

They took me in and started giving me the tools and showing me the critiques on how to become a floral designer. From there I quickly moved on to larger, higher volume  floral shops and started feeding my passion for design.

I have always been interested in art and come from an artistic family background. From constant encouragement from my family and friends and having the opportunity to have worked side by side  with accredited designers over the years that have helped me develop and perfect my creativity and skills as a designer, I quickly knew that taking the plunge and opening my business was what I wanted to do. And behold, Floral Designs by Alicia was created!
Becoming a business owner in the industry I love is a dream come true for me. Being a designer has helped me find my balance and has helped me complete whom I've wanted to become.
By selecting Floral Designs by Alicia you are making my dream a reality and I can never thank you enough....cheers to you!

What we do:
We specialize in Weddings and Events and give our customers the most creative design style, best quality ingredients and value in the products we produce. We work with the flower market and directly with growers to access all ingredients required for our customer orders. We offer floral decor as well as other event decor designing to help complete your occasion. We categorize our business as being natural/ organic and specifically use products and ingredients that are grown and produced without harmful pesticides and chemicals. Offering our customers a healthier and cleaner option for completion of your wedding or event. With our designs being unique and creative this sets aside what we offer our customers separately from the rest. With over nineteen years experience in the industry you can be assured that our products and services will more than satisfy your needs. With unique designs as our specialty we can offer many different options for completion of your floral decor vision. So the possibilities are endless with choosing us as your florist.