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About Alicia:
As far back as I can remember as a child, I was always dabbling in creativity inspired by nature. Most of my time was spent outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Raised in a small town with a slower pace, I was able to absorb what surrounded me. Spending much of my time in the woods and on the Clackamas river. My passion for floral design started when I was in grade school. Helping out at a local floral shop. And at fifteen still in high school, I started taking horticulture classes and my eye for color and design was quickly noticed from my teacher. And I was referred to the local floral shop in town to start apprenticing. They took me in and shared their wisdom and skills for me to become a floral designer. I've learned this skill trade from many outstanding designers who helped mold and guide me. From there I quickly moved onto larger, higher volume floral shops and started feeding my passion for design. Quickly evolving into the design you see today. Coming from a long line of French heritage, I try to channel my family's connection to the French culture into my creations. Pairing with the bond I have with the Pacific Northwest and it's indigenous people.

My work is whole heartedly a love letter to our Mother Earth through my clients vision. Each piece is a meditation of her intricacies and balance. In a world that is trying so hard to remove us from nature, I fight back by strengthening our connections with nature through my designs. We are the only known Indigenous owned Floral business in Oregon. My children are members of the Chinook First Nation. They come from a long line of Native American ancestry. A direct descendant of Chinook Headman and Chief, Comcomly of the Wahkiakum Band of the Lower Chinook. 

By selecting Floral Designs by Alicia for your wedding florals, you are helping forge our path back to our Mother Earth to balance and heal the bond once broken. Making my dream a reality and supporting an indigenous small business. I can never thank you enough... Merci and Hayu Masi!

We specialize in Weddings and Events to provide our customers the most creative nature inspired designs. Locally, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. Supporting a Eco friendly partnership with growers around the world. We offer floral décor as well as other event décor designing to help complete your occasion. We categorize our business as natural/ organic and specifically use products and ingredients that are grown and produced without harmful pesticides and chemicals. Offering our customers a safe, healthy and clean option for completion their weddings and events. With our designs being unique and creative, this sets us apart from the rest. With over twenty seven years experience in the industry you can be assured that our products and services will more than satisfy your needs. With Nature inspired unique designs as our specialty, we can offer many different options for completion of your floral décor vision. So the possibilities are endless with choosing us as your florist.